Allergen Information

Nuts, Dairy, Soy and Wheat are all ingredients used in our kitchens.  We make every effort to manage cross contamination in the kitchen and on our front counters, if you have a potentially life threatening allergy to an ingredient then please choose another snack.  

Please choose flavors based on your level of sensitivity knowing that nuts, gluten, soy and dairy ingredients are part of our cooking and serving of our popcorn. 

  • Gluten  – Some of our chocolate specialty flavors and savory flavors may contain gluten.  We use seasonings, cookies, pretzels, cereal or graham crackers in these recipes.  These ingredients may contain wheat.  We make adjustments as ingredients become available.  We recently converted our White Chocolate Oreo to gluten free Oreos, so it is now made with gluten free ingredients.  Although there is still gluten in the facility, choosing these flavors depends on your level of sensitivity.
  • Vegan – Our naked popcorn, Cheesecake, Cotton Candy, Ginger Ale, and Rainbow are all great vegan friendly options. 
  • Nuts - We have several flavors that contain various types of nuts.  While we take extra precautions and thoroughly clean after cooking with nuts, please be careful and choose based on your sensitivity.
  • Dairy - We use Real Butter in many of our recipes.  Not all of our flavors are Dairy Free.