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Northumberland Elementary School PFO is raising funds for their organization. 40% of the proceeds from the sale of THIS listing will go to the NES PFO.  There are two sizes in the sale, the small and the junior (which is the large on the NES sale sheet handed out at school.)  The NES flavors on this site are the only items that qualify in the sale for the profit split.   Thank you for letting us support the NES PFO and thank you for supporting our small business during this time.   


The NES flavors are available in 2 sizes, SMALL and JUNIOR (Large on fundraiser sheet sent to schools).  Savory SMALL is $6 JUNIOR/LARGE is $8, Candy SMALL $7, JUNIOR/LARGE $9, Specialty SMALL $10, JUNIOR/LARGE $15


Taste our rainbow!  Each color is a different flavor, that's right, a different flavor!  It's often described as fruity pebbles.

Option 1

All popcorn seed used by The Popcorn Bag is NON-GMO.

  • Most (but not all) of our flavors are Gluten Free.
  • Some of our flavors have Nuts.
  • Few of our flavors are Lactose Free (only naked popcorn and candy flavors without chocolate).
  • If you have allergy or sensitivity concerns, please ask us about the ingredients.

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