Fundraising? Let us POP for your purpose!

Popping for a Purpose is a community outreach program offered by Northern Neck Popcorn Bag.   The goal is to provide organizations, clubs, and schools in the Northern Neck Community, a unique and popular local product for fundraising. 

Northern Neck Popcorn Bag offers a profit margin competitive with national companies.  Northern Neck Popcorn Bag proudly supports local educational and not-for-profit organizations through the Popping for a Purpose partnership.


The most popular format for fundraising with Northern Neck Popcorn Bag is through direct sales by your members, to the community.   Your members will take orders and collect payments;  a master order will be turned in to Northern Neck Popcorn Bag, and Northern Neck Popcorn Bag  will produce your order quickly (typically a 2 week turnaround ), which will then be picked up from Northern Neck Popcorn Bag's Kilmarnock location. 

Northern Neck Popcorn Bag is happy to arrange a consultation with you to decide which flavors you’ll use for your fundraiser.   Custom colors, flavors, and/or labels that resonate with your organization are also available. 


The steps are simple:


  1. Email Terrinnpopcornbag@gmail or visit the store to choose flavors for your sale.   Most sales are 6 flavors.  2 Specialty, 2 Candy and 2 Savory.  Bags sold are SMALL and LARGE (Comparable to Small and Junior size in the store).  Once you select the menu, Northern Neck Popcorn Bag  will design the menu and order form.  The files for these forms are sent back to you for printing and distribution to the organization.

  2. Northern Neck Popcorn Bag will also provide an order form, and a master order form for final turn in of orders.

  3. Select your start and end dates for sales. Your organization will collect orders and payments.  Your organization will tally and consolidate the master (form provided), and submit order and payment to Northern Neck Popcorn Bag.  Your organization will receive a 40% discount, which allows your organization to keep 40% of the funds raised during the campaign.

  4. Northern Neck Popcorn Bag will fill the order for a pick-up date of your choosing. Order turnaround time is 2 weeks.

  5. Your organization sorts and distributes orders to your members for delivery.  The shortest shelf life are savory flavors and that  is approximately 7-10 days,  Northern Neck Popcorn Bag prefers that all deliveries be made within 2 days of order pickup. 

  6. Book sale dates early.  We generally start filling the calendar 6 months in advance.



Contact Terri Crowder by email: to discuss your fundraising needs

Baystars FC fundraiser

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