The Northern Neck Popcorn Bag Story

     Kevin and Terri Crowder are the proud owners of the Northern Neck Popcorn Bag, the Northern Neck region's source for premium, handcrafted, gourmet popcorn.  Terri is a native born Northern Neck girl and Kevin came to Virginia from Arkansas in 1994.  They have three children: a daughter who is currently working towards her Doctorate in Psychology,  a son,  who is a graduate of Lynchburg College, and a daughter in college in Canada.  The Crowders are active members of Fredericksburg Baptist Church and Kevin is currently serving as interim pastor, at Beulah Baptist Church in Lyells, VA.


     Kevin has served as a chaplain (Board Certified Chaplain and Association for Clinical Pastoral Education Supervisor) at Mary Washington Hospital for over 24 years, specializing for many of those years in ministerial and chaplaincy education.  When he is not at the hospital, look for him in a variety of performance ensembles (he plays violin in the Rappahannock Pops Orchestra, the Fredericksburg String Quartet, the St. George's Chamber Orchestra, and from time to time even the Lynchburg Symphony.   Recently Kevin has joined the Northern Neck Orchestra.

     Terri is a 4th generation entrepreneur.  She has developed her entrepreneurial, sales and marketing skills in a variety of endeavors from owning a Money Mailer direct mail franchise, to owning a multi-location automotive repair business, and as an Automotive Management Software Consultant.


     Terri's great-grandmother, grandmother and aunt were all entrepreneurial women.  She developed her entrepreneurial interests working in her grandmother's snowball stand, Millie's Snow Balls, on the Colonial Beach Boardwalk, in the 70's.


     In 2016, Kevin and Terri began planning to open a premium, handcrafted, gourmet popcorn store,

it wasn't long before their search brought them to Kilmarnock.  After spending the afternoon in town

and while having lunch at NN Burger, they crystallized the idea that this is where it needs to be. 

They love the Northern Neck region, its welcoming people and all that the region has to offer.  

They love being on the water.  They love the small town atmosphere.  They knew that this was the

right place to open the shop.   In June 2018, Northern Neck Popcorn Bag opened a second location

on Main Street.  In October 2019, Northern Neck Popcorn Bag opened a third location in Warsaw, VA.

There is much planned to further expansion of the business throughout the region. 


     In 2019, Rob, having graduated from college, joined Northern Neck Popcorn Bag full time.  Rob has

played a significant role in the growth of Northern Neck Popcorn Bag and serves as General

Manager and CFO.      

     They can't wait to see you "POP" by the store!


Press and Awards We are Honored to Have Received

50 Irvington Road, Kilmarnock VA   

804-577-4200 |Next to NN Burger​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 

6620 Main St., Gloucester VA 

804-210-1511 | Near Gloucester Courthouse

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Retail Store Hours:  Special Hours Noted Above

Mon - Sat: 11a - 6p  |  Sun: 1p - 5p

132 Main Street, Warsaw VA

804-250-2299 | Next to Old Rapp Tap House

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